2nd Legislative Update for ASID Florida South Chapter / March 2021




As an update… our new Florida House of Representatives, legislators are now in and we have a chance to make ourselves known to the new members. Our legislators are elected by us to represent us, but we must advocate to the new legislators the importance of our profession. While we currently do not have any more deregulation bills in the current session, this is our chance to make ourselves known.

While ASID advocates on the state level, members should be proactive & introduce ourselves to current legislators, so we can build a connection with them and inform them what we provide to the local community & economy.  Please make it your goal to introduce yourself with a simple email.  
You can find your legislator at the My Florida House – Find your Representative website @ https://www.myfloridahouse.gov/FindYourRepresentative

Some points designers can make are:
-          Some designers are business owners who provide jobs in the community.
-          They generate business & contribute to the economy locally by using in-town vendors & suppliers.
-          Promote health, safety & wellness in designing livable environments, nursing homes and community centers.
-          Promote the local economy by designing exciting spaces in restaurants, hotels, social destinations that invigorate the need to go out and support  local business. Designers create spaces that are “Instagrammable” so locals can visit and post photos to social media This in turn promote  businesses at no cost to the owners.
-          With the COVID-19 pandemic, designers are now incorporating “pandemic friendly” options for business, social distancing & barriers should great looking and add to a design, rather than take away from it.

Please contact cja@christianjalexander.com if you need any help with finding or emailing your legislator.  Please consider taking this step as it lays the foundation for building a relationship with our chapter & legislator.

Thank you!
Christian James Alexander
Government Affairs Chair / Legislative Liaison ASID Florida South Chapter