ASID Shows Proof in The Power of Design With Winners, Optimizers of Outcome of Design Awards Program

(September 14, 2022 – Washington, D.C.) – The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has named the recipients of its 2022 Outcome of Design Awards.

Celebrating the impact of design, the awards use metric-driven criteria to recognize projects that place occupants at the center of their innovation. Notable projects and teams were selected for honors by a jury based on their design solutions, occupant experiences, and post-occupancy research.

For 2022, the Outcome of Design Winner is the Little Charlotte Office, designed by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting. Award-winning projects show that People, Place and Planet are a part of the design solution and measure at least one of these criteria. The 2022 Outcome of Designer Optimizers are the Sheltering Arms Institute, designed by HDR, and the UCSD North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood, designed by HKS. The Optimizers are “best of” award winners that celebrate applied research. These projects have gone above and beyond the base criteria to measure more than one of the People, Place, and Planet categories.

Selected from an impressive range of multi-sectoral projects, the three honorees demonstrate interior design’s ability to positively shape occupant experience through sustainable, human-centric, and socially responsible design.

The projects and their design teams will be honored as part of GATHER 2022, the National Conference by ASID, September 21-24 in Miami, Fl. The awards presentation will be held Thursday, Sept. 22 at 9 a.m.

Through evidence-based principles and a purposeful dedication to occupant health and wellness, the ASID awards are intended to inspire designers from all sectors to learn from these projects and strive to incorporate similar human-centric strategies in their own practice. Projects were submitted from across the country for awards consideration throughout the year. Evaluations were made based on solutions and details, including how client goals were met, occupant experience and measurable impact, and research-based results that show the tangible effects of the design. For 2022, three top projects were selected— one Winner and two Optimizers— to be honored as part of the initiative.

The 2022 Outcome of Design honorees are:

WINNER: Little Charlotte Office, designed by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Project Team: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield, DPR Construction, PMC Interiors

Little’s national headquarters is the first LEED- and WELL-Certified workspace in Charlotte, NC. The goal of the project was to prove that employees are happier, healthier and more productive when they work in a space supportive of their physical and mental health. By creating a wide variety of work settings in the office, Little achieved a space that fosters employee health and wellness thanks to designing with employees’ needs in mind. Furthermore, the office embodies the vibrancy, connectivity and authenticity of its home city.

OPTIMIZER: Sheltering Arms Institute, designed by HDR

Project Team: HDR, Valley Engineering, Hourigan

This 114-bed destination hospital for high acuity rehabilitation care is located in Richmond, VA. The design centers on occupants and thinks of the building as a therapeutic tool to aid in their healing. An interdisciplinary project team integrated evidence-based design to achieve occupant goals and address challenges, and the design strategies the HDR team used seek to improve the quality of life for patients and families alike.

OPTIMIZER: UCSD North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood, designed by HKS

Project Team: HKS, CADRE, Safdie Rabines Architects, Clark Construction

HKS’ “campus within a campus” design for UCSD is the largest construction project in the university’s history. It serves as a blueprint for the future of a thriving community for living and learning. HKS used design to emphasize UCSD’s commitment to the environment, focus on student and staff wellbeing and foster the meaningful connection between the university and its surrounding community.

Beyond the awards, the Outcome of Design program also offers continuing education for designers and practical resources, such as the program Manifesto and Project Toolkit. The Outcome of Design Awards Program is supported by MillerKnoll and Mohawk Group.

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