Boca Tech Talks – CEU Webinar – Dedicated Theater Design


Course Description

What is Home Theater? This may sound like a simple question, but is it? Participants in this course will come away with a very distinct definition of what a home theater is, and what it isn’t! Discussions will also include basic acoustical physics, common mistakes in designing theaters, as well as specific design considerations related to video, lighting, electrical, safety, and comfort. This course will provide guidance related to what goes in the room – from equipment to wall treatments, to seating – and provide practical solutions to problems associated with home theater design and construction. Additionally, attendees will discuss the importance of engaging a trained, qualified professional early in the design and build process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define a “dedicated home theater” and its attributes
  • Discuss the science of “good sound”
  • Analyze common and costly mistakes with home theater design
  • Identify specific theater design considerations, such as video optimization, lighting, electrical, safety, and comfort
  • Recognize the essential criteria for engaging an electronic systems professional in the design and build process

Continued Education


Credit: 1.0 LU

Course Number: COI055

Subject Code: N/A

Designation(s): General Knowledge


Credit: 0.1 CEU

Course Number: 103847-R1

Subject Code: 5.11

Designation(s): General Knowledge

Host: Jeff Galea, Founder and CEO of  Boca Tech and Automation

Instructor: Vanessa Sayen – CEDIA Outreach Instructor and Marketing Manager at LK & Associates

Date and Time

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM





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