How HB 7047 Affects the FL Interior Design Industry

How Removing Interior Design From Florida Statues Impacts Interior Design Industry

*Excerpts from House Bill 7047 concerning Licensed Interior Designers 

103 .................................................repealing ss.

104 481.2131 and 481.2251, F.S., relating to the practice

105 and regulation of interior design, registration for

106 interior designers, and disciplinary proceedings

107 against registered interior designers; amending s.

108 481.201, F.S.; deleting legislative findings relating

109 to the practice of interior design; amending s.

110 481.203, F.S.; revising the definition of the term

111 "architecture" to include interior design; deleting

112 the definition of the term "certificate of

113 authorization"; defining the term "business

114 organization"; amending s. 481.205, F.S.; renaming the

115 Board of Architecture and Interior Design as the Board

116 of Architecture; revising membership of the board;

117 conforming provisions; amending ss. 481.207, 481.209,

118 481.213, 481.215, and 481.217, F.S.; conforming

119 provisions; amending s. 481.219, F.S.; deleting

120 provisions permitting the practice of or offer to

121 practice interior design through certain business a122 organizations; deleting provisions requiring

123 certificates of authorization for certain business

124 organizations offering interior design services to the

125 public; requiring a licensee or applicant in the HB 7047


Proposed Changes to FSC 481:

The new definition of "Architecture" (481.203 FS) "means the rendering or offering to render services in connection with the design and construction of a structure or group of structures which have as their principal purpose human habitation or use, the utilization of space within and surrounding such structure, and interior design. These services include planning, providing preliminary study design, drawings and specifications, job-site inspection, and administration of construction contracts."

  • A person may not knowingly:
    • Practice architecture unless the person is an architect or a registered architect.
    • Employ unlicensed persons (current RID) to practice architecture (interior design service).
  • “… the National Council of Interior Design Qualification" is stricken.

Exerpt from House Bill 7047 concerning Licensed Interior Designers: 

Licensed Interior Designers:

  • You will lose all privileges extended by the state to a licensed design professional.
  • You won’t be able to do commercial interior design under an architect due to definition.
  • You will not be able own or qualify an interior design business.
  • You won't be able to get professional liability insurance, which means they can’t bid on government/ large commercial projects.

Residential Designers:

  • You will have more competition as licensed interior designers turn to the residential market. 
  • Loss of income by manufacturers of contract materials may cause cost of residential materials to rise. 
  • You will lose the opportunity to become a licensed interior designer.
  • Loss of opportunities to partner on commercial projects with a licensed designer or architect.

Industry Partners:

  • You may lose income due to the loss of licensed interior designers as specifiers.
  • Only architects will be able to write specifications.
  • Independent commercial interior design firms may be forced to leavae the marketplace. 
  • You will not be able to provide materials directly to a commercial because you are not an architect.


  • You may lose income due to the loss of licensed interior designers as specifiers.
  • You may lose the opportunity to provided bids or services through a licensed interior designer.
  • You will not be able to provide materials directly to a commercial job unless you are an architect.
  • You will not be able to specify/recommend materials directly to a commercial project because you are not an architect. 


  • You will have limited job opportunities as commercial interior design firms close their doors.
  • Only architectural graduates will be able to practice interior design.
  • Taking and passing NCIDQ will only be a standalone achievement.
  • There would be no need for a 4-year degree (CIDA accredited) in Florida. Interior design programs may leave the state as a pathway to licensing is removed.

Retail Stores providing Licensed Interior Design Services:

  • Your licensed interior designers will not be able to work on any contract / commercial projects, even under an architect.
  • You may have to lay-off your licensed interior designers due to revised definition.
  • You may not be able to bid on contract/commercial projects.
  • Working on model homes may be questionable, are they commercial projects prior to sale thus requiring an architect for design services?

Office Furniture Dealerships:

  • You may have to replace your licensed interior designers by architects to speficy, space plan or provide design services.
  • You will not be able to provide materials directly to a commercial job unless specified by an architect.
  • Your sales staff may bel imited in the services they can provide.
  • Purchasing agents may not be able to represent their clients, as they are not architects.

Developers / Builders / Public Commercial Projects:

  • Commercial projects will no longer be able to engage Licensed Interior Designers for interior design services.
  • Commercial properties staff will not be able to make selections as they are not architects.
  • Manufacturer sales staff will not be able to recommend materials or write specifications as they are not architects.
  • Increased fees as architects typically bill at a higher rate than interior designers.

Corporations - Healthcare, Cooperate, Commercial, Hospitality, Municipal, Educational, etc.

  • All commercial type business would have to fire staff interior designers and hire architects do same work.
  • Specialty interior design firms would not be available to provide licensed interior design services. 
  • There is a limited pool of architects in Florida to do specialized interior design work.
  • There may be an increased cost to projects, as architectural rates are higher than interior design rates. 

Insurance Providers:

  • You won’t be able to insure interior designers anymore, as they will not longer hold a state license. 
  • Project insurances purchased by interior designers will no longer be needed.
  • Interior design firms may close.
  • Increased chances of improper specifications being written through unlicensed activity. 


  • Small firms may not be able to afford to employ additional architects to provide interior design services.
  • Interior designers will not be able to work under an architect as an interior designer without an architecture license.
  • Small firms won’t be able to contract out services and compete with larger firms.
  • Larger firms won’t be able to bill out a current licensed interior designer at current fees.
  • Firms of all sizes may have to lay off licensed interior design staff. 

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