De-Regulation of Licensed Interior Designers: The Fight Is Not Over!


On April 13, the Florida chapters of ASID and IIDA as well as IDAF announced that interior designers had been removed from HB 7047 - the bill that negatively impacts interior designers by repealing their practice rights in Florida and mandating that any individual (regardless of whether they are licensed currently) wanting to practice interior design must first become an architect. 

Not surprisingly, the opponents who want to hold back our profession were none too happy to hear that interior designers were out of the bill. Consequently, they weighed in hard with certain legislators and as a result, interior designers will remain in the bill as it heads for a vote in committee. 

To be clear - we aren't defeated and we still have time to ensure the bill is amended to NOT include interior designers. The bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday, April 19. Before then, we must tell our representatives in Tallahassee to support interior designers by amending the bill!

Even if you have already sent an email to your state legislator, take two seconds and please do so again. It is crucial that we show that we are stronger than our opponents and have more support!

Go to this website: to send your email!