2017 Board of Director Open Positions

Join Our Board of Directors!

Dear ASID Members,

Getting involved in Chapter activities is a wonderful way to network. You make new friends and connections that may benefit your career. It is through committee work that you become eligible to sit on our board. If you have done committee work in the past, or have interest in serving on the board, we currently have two positions available for the 2017-2019 terms. The first position is Communications Director; this would be a 2 year term starting October 1st of 2017 and running through September 30th of 2019. The second position we have open is Student Rep to the Board (SRS), this position is open now and any student with an ASID Student Membership. 

For more information and full descriptions about both positions, please contact 2017 ASID FSC President-Elect Sonia Lise Longchamp